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weTwitter Updates

27 June 2022


– The problem of not being able to click the Skip for now button has been fixed.

– Errors in deleting phone numbers have been fixed.

22 June 2022


– Use Profile? The option has been added. Since the dimensions of the created profiles can be high, this part has been made optional.

– After the Twitter account is created, the ability to delete the phone number has been added.

– General error checks were made.

14 June 2022


– Added ability to receive Auth-Token. The program automatically saves the account to the relevant section in the database after the account is created.

– The problems in the Update Cover Photo section have been fixed.

– Txt output;
As updated.

12 June 2022


The problem in Mobile Data ip change has been fixed.

08 June 2022


Mobile data and mobile proxy ip exchange is now done before starting the transactions.

07 June 2022


Fixed the problems in Verify.

04 June 2022


– The feature of using Mobile Data has been added.

– If you run 2 threads, after 2 threads it will turn mobile data on and off.

– You can find out the details here.

– You can get the created mails as txt output.

May 16, 2022


Added ability to add e-mail to Twitter accounts. It uses Hotmailbox.

May 13, 2022


Before you scroll popup update has been made.

09 May 2022


Reply tweet has been updated.

03 May 2022


Added visual tweeting feature.

April 24, 2022


Added private message sending feature. It sends the messages you specify to the users you specify.

20 April 2022


– Warm Up Accounts feature has been added.

– Can be used with Mobile Proxy.

– Random tweets, (in English), searches, adds a cover photo, randomly browses.

19 April 2022


– Sharp Mobile Proxy integration has been made.

– The program can reset sharp mobile proxy automatically.

– Performs 1 reset in total threads, for example, if you have 5 threads, it will reset ip once in 5 threads*

15 April 2022


– Added smartproxy feature.

– Bugs fixed.

– The problem in the puzzle part has been fixed.

13 April 2022


– Added Username list feature. Click here for the video guide.

– Added ability to add bios.

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