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weMailCreator Updates

25 June, 2022


Due to the problems experienced in mails, creation is disabled.

Instead of, has been added.

24 June, 2022


For security reasons, the total number of different phone number attempts in 1 browser and with 1 proxy is set to a maximum of 5.

12 June, 2022


The problem in Mobile Data ip change has been fixed.

12 June, 2022


– Adding Username List feature.

11 June, 2022


– The problem in the avatar upload part has been fixed.

07 June, 2022


– The feature of using a phone number more than once has been added. This feature is currently in beta and only works on 1 threads, on the service. In order to use this feature, you need the “Country Code” of the sms country. By clicking here, you can access the “Country Code” list of countries.

– The feature of using Mobile Data has been added. This feature works as follows.

For example;
If you are running the program with 2 threads, the program will turn on-off mobile data in the 2nd thread. All you have to do is connect the phone to the computer with the cable.

You can find out the details by clicking here.

May 11, 2022


– The feature of using the program without a proxy has been added.

– The feature of opening mail and activating smtp/imap has been added.

09 May 2022


Added password change feature for Gmail.

24 April 2022


– General maintenance done.

– Improvements have been made for check status and farm.

– When creating a Gmail account, sms confirmation usage has been reduced. ( 20% of the e-mails created do not require sms confirmation, this rate varies according to the proxies you use. 20% tested with IPv6 proxy*)

– Fixed problems when opening Proton mail.

19 April 2022


– Added the ability to select webrowser v1.x.x or v2.x.x.

– Added the ability to open gmail without sms approval. *Not recommended, can only work on weBrowser v2.x.x.

13 April 2022


– General checks were made in Yandex and proton.

– Yandex mail is now opened with sms confirmation.

05 April 2022


– Added the ability to select gender and set the default language to English for Gmail.

– Updates have been made in the Verify section.

– Added alternative recovery mail feature. Now you can add your own recovery mails.

01 April 2022


IMAP/POP activation feature has been added.

14 March 2022


In case of any error while creating Gmail, the profile of the respective browser is deleted. So, in the profile folder, the extra folder will no longer exist.

12 March 2022


Improvements have been made to Check Status.

10 March 2022


– General maintenance has been done.

– Necessary browser updates have been made.

– Improvements have been made to SMS APIs.

– Proton Mail opening feature has been added. Click for Video Lecture.

8 March 2022


Optionally, you can add your name and surname list to the program.

6 March 2022


– General checks have been made.

– The problems in the Update avatar action have been fixed.

– The problems in the Drive actions action have been fixed.

– For those using mobile proxy, mobile proxy is integrated.

5 March 2022


The feature of visiting and spending time on the websites you have specified for Farm Gmail Accounts has been added.

25 February 2022


– The problems in the update avatar have been fixed.

– As an alternative to English and Turkish names and surnames, German names and surnames with 1 million different combinations have been added.

– When opening Gmail, random month selection has been added. In the old version, only 2 different months were selected.

– Updates and improvements have been made for CheckStatus.

15 February 2022


– Errors in Google search action have been fixed.

– Optional options have been added for different proxy connections. Based on your site suggestions, this list will be improved*

08 February 2022


– Mail format selection option has been added.

– General maintenance and controls were made.

– Browser updates have been made in the background.

– Ram and CPU usage is optimized.

17 January 2022


Fingerprint update has been made. 12/01/22. Download the program again for updated fingerprints.

– For Farm action, Read News Action has been added.

14 January 2022


New sms service has been added.

10 January 2022


– General checks have been made.

– Added the ability to save cookies for all browsers. It is recorded in the relevant field in the database.

– Some errors in Google Search action have been fixed.

– Some errors in Google Drive action have been fixed.

09 January 2022


– Youtube Actions errors have been fixed.

– General checks have been made.

– Some conditions have been improved.

January 2022


– Name and surname data have been expanded. (10000 different combinations)

– Added use with timing. A PDF will be sent to you for usage instructions . Just send a private message.

January 2022


Mail checking feature has been added. If mail is disabled, it submits the form.

January 2022


– The phoneID issue has been fixed.

– Mail verification feature and form submission feature for disabled mails have been added.

– Added optional deletion or not-deletion of confirmation number after creating mail.

January 2022


– New sms services have been added.

– Added operator selection for 5sim.

– Removed the recovery mail attachment, the program generates the original recovery mail and adds a different, original recovery mail for each mail.

– Random movement has been developed for Youtube action.

– Automatic retry feature has been added without any extra action in case of problems with sms services (number being used many times, sms not received).


v1.0.0 ( Beta )

v1.0.0 ( Beta )

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