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weLive Updates

18 July 2022


– The problems in the comment section have been fixed.
– Added the ability to log in with United States accounts.

17 July 2022


– Pop-up update has been made
– The problems in the comment section have been fixed.
– The feature of getting the broadcast link by clicking the share button in the broadcasts has been added
– Browser checked. (Made by considering the new data processing logic of Bigo and Nimo)
– Comprehensive navigation gestures have been added.
– The problems in the login section have been fixed.

20 March 2022


The use of cookies has been added to the program. In this way, the accounts that you have logged in once will not need to be logged in again and again.

12 March 2022


The feature of sharing the comments you specify while watching the live broadcast has been added in the second interval we will determine.

04 March 2022


– The ability to login with Gmail Accounts is disabled. (for security reasons)

– Turkey account usage feature has been added for Bigo. (Previously, only accounts opened with a russian phone number could be used.) Additionally, if your accounts were opened with a phone number of another country, send us a message. Required countries will be added*

– Ram and CPU Optimization has been done. An example image is below.

20 January 2022


– NimoTv Live Streaming

– Ability to Use NimoTv Account

– NimoTv Follow Account

– Subscribe to NimoTv Account

– Ability to Comment on NimoTv Live Broadcast

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