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weLive, Live Broadcast Bot, Bigo Live Bot, Nimo Tv Bot

Social media apps have long ago become an indispensable part of our lives. With Youtube , the digital world has almost completely replaced traditional media. However, we see that there has been a decrease in Youtube views recently. One of the biggest reasons for this is the incredible rise of live streaming platforms. Now, social media users can open live broadcasts in almost every application. It should not be overlooked that Twitch and Twitch publishers also have great efforts in this. But other live broadcast platforms other than Twitch now seem to be included in this race. E.g; Like Bigo Live , Nimo Tv .

Live broadcast platforms are websites where users can broadcast live and reach large audiences, earn income while broadcasting, have content in every category and type, and viewers can follow these content. So what are these live streaming platforms ?

weLive , live streaming bot

Bigo Live, What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform based in Singapore. It has more than 400 million users. It is one of the largest companies in the live broadcasting industry. One of the most important factors for being popular on Bigo Live, as on other platforms, is overwatching. In this way, you can be recommended to users at the top. So how do you increase your audience on Bigo Live?

The most effective method of Bigo Live audience increase is the live broadcasting method. When you start broadcasting, naturally, your audience will be very low. But if you do the live broadcast bot process, you will be able to reach a high number of viewers even when you start broadcasting. As your interactions increase, users who enter the application will see you at the top. So what is the best Bigo Live live streaming bot ?

bigo live bot, nimo tv bot

weLive, Bigo Live Bot Viewer, Bigo Live Bot Viewer

weLive program is the best among other live broadcast bots . It works in a very optimized and practical way. weLive Bigo Live is a program for sending bot viewers to your live broadcasts. weLive also allows you to comment on your posts. weLive is a very comprehensive live broadcast botting program. It includes multiple live broadcasting platforms. (bigo live bot, nimo tv bot) etc. It continues to develop day by day and add new live broadcast platforms to its structure. Using this program, you can send unlimited bot viewers and comments to your broadcast. So why should we use weLive , bigo live bot ?

  • The most important reason for this is to appear in the top positions quickly. You won’t have to wait weeks or even months for your posts to become popular.
  • Affordable pricing policy
  • Guaranteed results, Optimized and trouble-free operation of the program.
  • Security. As a result of the use of bots, the channel is not banned and it is not understood that the owner of the live broadcast is using a bot.
Check out the weLive Introduction and guide here.

So, if I use Bigo Live Bot, will my channel be banned?

weLive is a long-running live bot botting program. The program has not received any ban return since the day it was released. weLive assures you that you will not be banned.

What Does weLive, a Live Broadcasting Bot Do?

  • Opportunity to Watch Live Broadcast
  • Ability to Add Comments to Live Stream
  • Login to with Gmail Account
  • Login with Account
  • Ability to Determine the Monitoring Time
  • Ability to Use Proxy
  • Powered by User Agent and Fingerprint from WeBrowser Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Support!
  • Continuous Maintenance and Update!

So how can we buy weLive ?

How to Buy weLive, Live Broadcast Bot?

Having trouble trusting the program? Do you doubt interactions and it will work? we1Town offers you a pre-purchase trial. In summary , you have the chance to try the Demo version before purchasing the program !

  • To purchase, first click here and proceed to the license town site.
  • Then you must become a member.
  • Choose the variation you want. (30 Days – 60 Days – 90 Days)
  • Finally, you have to complete the payment step. Your license information will be sent to the order section and your e-mail address instantly.
  • It will be sent with additional documents. Like How to Use and answers to Frequently Asked Questions .

How to Use WeLive, Bigo Live Bot Program?

weLive is very easy to set up. You can complete the installation process in a few steps. In the usage part, it offers very practical solutions to its users.

Installation Steps

  • First you need to download weLive from the given link.
  • Then we need to extract the downloaded rar file to the C:/ directory. If you do not extract weLive to C:/ the program will not work .
  • Double-click the weLive.exe file and enter your full membership information in the window that opens.
  • Your program installation has been completed successfully.
  • Click here if you want to watch the video guide.

After completing the program installation, we can start using weLive . We do not need to install any program other than weLive. You can use weLive with Bigo Live accounts and gmail accounts. There is an option to use it without an account, but if you use it this way, you cannot use the comment service because there is no account to comment.

How to Install Nimo Tv Bot?

How to Use WeLive, Bigo Live Bot Program?

  • Thread : Write How Many Browsers You Want To Open At The Same Time. You will have as many views as the number you entered.
  • Thread : Choose Your Platform. weLive also provides services for
  • Select Bigo Live Url : Select Data Containing Our Link. Here we will create a group. Then we will enter the link of our own publication in the data section. We will cover the connection part in much more detail in a moment. Click here if you want to watch the video guide.
  • Use Accounts? : Click “Yes” if you want accounts to use it.
  • Accounts Type : Select Gmail Accounts or Bigo Live Accounts. Choose which subscription you want to use. However, logging in with Bigo Live memberships will be much more effective and healthier than logging in via Gmail.
  • Bigo Live Accounts : Select the directory of the file containing your BigoLive Accounts. Add your bigo live accounts (phone number: password) one after the other in a txt file. Click here if you want to watch the video guide.
  • Comments : Select the Directory where your Comment File is located. Add the comments you want one after the other to a txt file. Each line is considered a single comment. Click here if you want to watch the video guide.
  • Use Proxy? : If you want to use a proxy, click “Yes”
  • Proxy List: Select the Directory where your proxy file is located. In a txt file, add your proxy (ip:port:username:password) one under the other. Click here if you want to watch the video guide.
  • Watch Time : Enter how many seconds you want your live broadcast to be watched here
Bigo Live Bot

How to Add Live Stream Link on WeLive?

Then you can move on to adding your own Live Stream link. The first thing you need to do here is to copy the Bigo live stream link. Then you need to click on the data button in the lower left part of the weLive program. Create a group here and click on the “add item” section and paste the copied link into the window that opens. Click here if you want to watch the video guide.

Nimo Tv Bot weLive

weLive also provides services for the live broadcasting platform As for Bigo Live, includes a watch and comment bot.

Why Choose weLive?

  • Best Price Guarantee compared to its equivalents
  • Optimized to every system!
  • Always Updated Version!
  • Use thousands of devices with different fingerprints!
  • Security!
  • Continuous Update, maintenance and development!
  • Always different User-Agent
  • Can be installed on Virtual Computers!
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Instant Anydesk and Teamviewer connection service!

weLive will serve its users at a discounted price until the end of 2022, together with its features. There is also a demo version of weLive. If you wish, you can use the trial version before purchasing. If you have any questions, you can contact us through our communication channels. If you are looking for the best Nimo Tv Bot and the best Bigo Live Bot, use weLive as a trial version!

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