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How is Mobile Data Used in we1 Programs? How to Find ADB UDID?

Hello everyone! With the new update we made, Mobile Data usage has become possible in many of our programs. If you choose the proxy type “Mobile Data” in our programs, our programs will now be able to control the mobile data of the phone you have connected to the computer and turn the mobile data on and off. Now let’s use this feature.

1 – How to Find ADB UDID?

  1. Let’s download the ADB Installer from the link here.
  2. Let’s connect our phone to the computer with a cable, and activate the debug mode from the developer mode of the phone.
  3. Let’s install the ADB Installer program we downloaded, and answer the questions that come up by typing “y”.
  4. After the ADB Installer installation is finished, let’s search our computer, type “cmd” and run it.
  5. Let’s check our phone connection again, and if all is well, let’s type “ADB devices”.
  6. The UDID of our phone will appear. Let’s enter this UDID in the relevant place of the program.

For some phone models, you don’t need to do this. If your phone is visible in “My Computer”, you can see the UDID by right-clicking -> properties.

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