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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Should I Install the Program in C:/ Directory?

Yes, you should not install the program in a location other than C:/. You can extract the RAR file into C:/.

What are the Recommended System Requirements?

Recommended system requirements include 8 GB of ram.

I’m Having Problems Using the Program Can I Get Live Support?

Yes, you can reach us from our contact addresses, and we can connect you with AnyDesk when necessary.

How many computers can I use the program on at the same time?

Each license you have purchased is defined specifically for the computer. If you want to use it on more than one computer, you must purchase more than one license. You cannot use it from different computers at the same time. However, if you request any computer replacement, you can reset your license and install it on another computer.

On which platform can I run the program?

The program only works on Windows systems.

“error from server try again” I’m Getting Error What is the Solution?

Try turning your modem off and on again. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Then run the program again.

Can I use the program without a proxy?

It is used with WeSeo proxy. You can reach us via our communication channels for Turkey mobile proxy. The program includes inpex mobile proxy integration.

My Website is 100th in Keyword. Next, Program 10. – 15. Can You Go to Pages and Click?

As long as it is indexed, it can go to the last page.

How many hits are counted in 1 IP (proxy)?

1 rope counts a single hit for 24 hours, after 24 hours you can send hits again from the same rope.

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